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    Jun 4 th, 2020
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    5 Habits of a Successful Entrepreneur

    40% of your daily activities are habitual and even as the COVID-19 pandemic changes our lifestyle, we need to think about which habits we have in our lives as entrepreneurs. Benjamin Franklin said that most people die at 25 but they aren’t buried until they are 75. Hence, there are habits that we have today that are preventing us to being successful in our business ventures. Let us have a look at five very common ones so that even after we go back to our ordinary lives, we will be able to perform better in our various industries.

    1. Crumbling Under PressureThe reason most people prefer being employed as opposed to starting a business is simply because they don’t know how to handle pressure. They couldn’t handle it in school, theycouldn’t handle it in class as the choir master and even at home they might not know how tohandle the pressure from their parents. The fact of the matter is that winners know pressure isgood and believe it is part of the process. The strongest trees don’t grow in the best soils, theygrow in the strongest wind. The problem arises when we think we’re the only ones who feel thepressure and get overwhelmed by it. Even now, know that even billionaires are feeling what thepandemic is doing to the economy.

    2. Negative Self Image.
    Your self-image is very important because it is what makes you act like you. We always have aneed to remain congruent with how we identify with ourselves. That is why social media is soprofitable; it gives people a chance to show the world who they are. In retrospect, most peopleare fake on social media when in real sense, they are insecure about themselves. It is high timewe believe in ourselves and be our own cheerleaders. Ask yourself who do I truly need tobecome in order to achieve the goals you have set for your business?

    3. Playing to lose.
    Success is so superficial in some of our lives such that when we are asked about what we do we say that “We are just trying.” We already feel intimidated by life and we are ready to give up the moment we fail We already know inside us that our product or service is not good enough. The thing is that losers are the ones who claim they are just passing by. Winners on the other hand say whatever happens, I’m giving it my all. We have so many people in our lives who jumpfrom one trade to another. The last time you were together they were into IT and now they aretrying out video editing. The problem is not that they are not focused. The problem is that theydon’t go all in. They think they should do everything perfect the first time. You have to dowhatever it takes to succeed.

    4. Never Committing.
    The sad reality is that most of us don’t know what they want. If in any case we do, we don’t takeaction on it. You know that you love events but you can’t even organize a family reunion or achurch fundraiser. Many times, we live and die in the dream stage because we don’t want tocommit. A business is like marriage, we need to faithful and adjust as we go. There is no perfectpath in life. Your priority is to get into the game and then pivot later.

    5. Dreaming Far Too Small.
    We are afraid of imagination and yet Albert Einstein said imagination is more important than knowledge. For example, if you asked anyone if Kenya is ready for a female president, many people have all these theories and explanations against it. No one creates space for imagination. What if we told you you can be Top 40 under 40? What if we told you will enter the Time Magazine 100 most Influential persons next year? Would you believe it or you are too afraid of greatness? Let us dream big today. Let us dare ourselves to imagine immeasurable blessings upon our businesses. So there you have it. Five habits that if you change, you are going to succeed. Till next time, keep safe, obey the law and keep learning. Cheers!