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    About us

    Kibarua is an online Job-board platform developed to provide a job marketplace for employers & job seekers. Account holders use this site to find their suitable working partners:

    1.) The employers (project’s owners) can find their supporters.
    2.) The freelancers can find jobs.

    Kibarua works in partnership with various accredited recruitment agencies globally to provide quality reliable and credible job opportunities. Each opportunity listed is verified and free from scammers (our focus ideal) .

    Besides the desktop version, Kibarua site is responsive and dynamic to serve dedicated mobile users with low internet data plans.

    What can users do?

    As an employer, you can easily login to the site and immediately start posting job opportunities . Once your listing is approved and displayed, an Employer can search for suitable experts/freelancers and invite them to join their or wait for applications from interested profiles. Workers are notified with (zero downtime) via email of new openings in accordance with their profile interest category and notification preferences

    Employer account

    • Create profile
    • Post a project
    • Find the workers/business profiles
    • Invite applications
    • View worker portfolios and ratings/recommendations
    • Cancel applications
    • Receive instant notification
    • Chat and Share files

    Workers are required to provide detailed information on sign up and complete major profile setting to be verified and listed. On registration, worker accounts are tuned to prompt & relevant email notifications on job categories selected. As a freelancer/worker or business profile, be the first to apply, expressing your interest to job openings via Kibarua’s powerful bidding tool.

    All information here is kept private and cannot be viewed publicly.  Kibarua doesn’t expose private competitor bids. Make use of our ‘average’ bid calculator to quote competitive bids and win the heart of employers.

    Worker account

    • Create profile
    • Add portfolios and attached files
    • Search for jobs
    • Bid/Apply on a project
    • Quit a project
    • Review employer
    • Receive live notification
    • Chat and Share files
    • Turn on/off account to display your availability