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    • Abel Chaka Greenhouse Officer 0 review


    My name is Abel Chaka Nyae.
    I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture, Crop Science from Kenyatta University
    I’ve worked in the customer service industry as a sales representative of The iLife Laptop Brand introducing it to the Kenyan market at Carrefour ;The Hub and Two Rivers- Nairobi, having gained the experience of client relations for a year.
    Got to be part of the Judicial system in Kenya having worked as a data entry clerk at MILIMANI LAW COURTS- Nairobi under the partnership of International Development Law Organisation and the Judiciary for a year that gave me first hand experience of integrity and lawful nature for a year
    Also had to use my Degree papers to kick start an agricultural career and worked at a Farm for a year practising on my green thumb…


    • Min. Rate/Salary: Ksh. 30,000
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    • Experience 3 years
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