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    • Annabella Analo Social Researcher/Human Resources Officer 0 review


    My name is Annabella Analo Mutsiambo and I am writing to express my interest and qualifications to be considered for worthwhile growth spurting opportunities. I believe I am a great candidate for internships, assistantship, fellowships, and positions where I can make a worthwhile contribution. I am a recent Sociology and Social Anthropology masters student (Graduated 27th June 2020) with my thesis focusing on the Migration-Development Nexus: The Political and Policy Remittance narratives in Kenya. I however have a soft spot for Human Resource Management, and I would like to improve my skills further in it.

    I do have minimal professional and academic experience working in the Human Resource Management Field (Generalist) where I worked in a public government institution (3 months) and a start-up technological company (6 months). At these organizations I worked at a human resource assistant capacity enabling me to interact with culturally diverse number of people and issues in the work environment. That is, working as a junior recruiter where I gained interview skills (phone and in-person interviews), talent sourcing, record management, meeting scheduling, staff event logistics, event volunteers recruitment, training and management, and employee welfare. In addition, volunteering in a public catholic based primary school (3 months) as a teacher volunteer where I interacted with children (7-8-year olds) from diverse backgrounds who had to be handled with care, empathy and kindness when teaching and assisting them in difficult areas academically and personally.

    Overall, I am an eager individual who is always open to learn and open to work in a diverse work environment with a diverse group of people. I am quick on my feet, require little to no supervision and I enjoy new experiences. I truly believe that I have much more to offer and all I need is an opportunity. 


    • Min. Rate/Salary: Ksh. 30
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    • Country Nairobi-Kenya