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    • Yvonne Makokha Business administrator 0 review


    m a very energetic and hardworking lady. I am an effective communicator with a good command of the English and Swahili languages. I have team management, project management and great interpersonal skills. A team player with a commitment to customer service through work experience in various administrative roles, who possesses the ability to communicate confidently at all levels. With a reputation for delivering high quality and personal service to my work, I possess plenty of initiative and a great desire to contribute to the ongoing success of any office. I am technology savvy with a passion for changing the world through technology. My future goal is to develop an app that will help close the gap between consumers and producers in the field of business, journalism and the I.T sector. I love new experiences, adventure, community service and I am up to a challenge any day.


    • Min. Rate/Salary: Ksh. 40,000
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    • Experience 3 years
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