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    • Bonareri Customer service/ social media associate 0 review


    In my current role in Branch international, I handle customer’s feedback about our product and also resolve complains. I have also worked with the marketing team to make sure that our clients have the best experience. Recently I noticed that most of our clients find it difficult to access google play. To make it easy for our clients to download the app, l came up with an SMSes code whereby you dial a certain number and this will provide you with a link that will direct you to google play.

    Now I’m looking to take my career to the next level where I can be a part of a team, but also allows me to focus my energy on my best strength, working directly with customers. I’d like to build a long term career that lets me focus on professional growth


    • Min. Rate/Salary: Ksh. 35,000
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    • Experience 4 years
    • Projects 0
    • Earnings Ksh. 0
    • Country Nairobi-Kenya