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    I am a highly motivated worker with more than 3 of experience handling customers  at Ajooba tech solutions, an international  company . In addition, I graduated from the KENYA COLLEGE OF COMMERCE AND HOSPITALITY with a Diploma in front office and administration. My skills and academic experience make me the perfect fit for the role.

    I have several years of front desk experience, including working in a busy work environment with multiple phone lines and a large professional staff. I can therefore handle the bustling environment of a large of office such as yours.

    I have strong written and oral communication skills. At my latest job, I interacted with about twenty-five to fifty clients per day, answering questions about the company and directing people to the correct offices. I also called dozens of clients per day to confirm appointments, and send emails every day to clients.

    I have experience with a variety of software programs, including Microsoft Office and QuickBooks. I am also comfortable using multiple scheduling platforms and Timely. I have trained five other employees in



    • Min. Rate/Salary: Ksh. 50,000
    • Rating
    • Experience 6 years
    • Projects 0
    • Earnings Ksh. 0
    • Country Nairobi-Kenya