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    • IbrahimGithinji Administrative assistant/Property Manager 0 review


    I completed my Diploma certificate in Business management in 2014 and currently an ongoing online Diploma in Business Management and Entrepreneurship. Since then, I’ve accrued six years of personal assistant experience. During that time, I’ve gradually built a strong foundation of knowledge regarding the various tasks and duties required of a personal/administrative assistant. For instance, I’m now deeply familiar with Microsoft Office and other office management software and have developed a suite of efficiency tools to keep an office organized and on task.


    Working as Head Office admin/PA assistant at Westlink Developers has prepared me to meet the challenges of a managerial role in a professional office environment. One example of how I exceeded expectations as an employee is when I minimized Directors phone bills with over Kshs 200,000 per year through monitoring usage and recommending various tariffs and also saving the company heavily on advertisement budget through other marketing innovative ways. I was also responsible for supervising and training home-based staff and all new staffs to the organization. I believe that, equipped with my proven managerial skills and cost-cutting abilities, I can contribute effectively to your company and be a valuable employee.


    Additionally, I was also crucially involved in developing an HR manual for our sister company as well as implementing required certification standards such as KCF and Kaizen. Other achievements included setting up a time management system which saved the company 100`s of lost labor hours every month. Throughout my tenure, I was known for taking the initiative and embracing challenges.


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