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    My Future Employer


    I am a self-motivated individual who has a zeal for the well-being of everybody. I am more altruistic than egocentric and always more focused on achieving the telos of the domain I am entrusted with. I am an open-minded person who is always eager to engage in productive and self-developing activities especially whenever I am learning something new from others. I am well informed on history, literature and law. I enjoy using my acquired skills to improve the quality of my life as well as empower others to do the same. In the past, I have worked for community-based organizations such as Carolina for Kibera and Kibera Community for the Elderly using my knowledge and skills to help others be given inclusivity in the society. I have a great familiarity with:-

    ·         Writing, typing and entering information into computer

    ·         Copying information from one record to another

    ·         Modifying, updating and correcting data

    ·         Performing data inquiries

    ·         Proofreading and editing data                                                                                                                        

    I have much more to contribute to your organization than just mere occurrence which I can explain better in person.

    I look forward to working with you and anticipate meeting you for an interview very soon. If you would like to speak to me I am available anytime on my cell phone at 0798501002


    Thank you very much for your consideration.

    Yours faithfully,






    • Min. Rate/Salary: Ksh. 1,200
    • Rating
    • Experience 3 years
    • Projects 0
    • Earnings Ksh. 0
    • Country Nairobi-Kenya