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    I am an administrative professional with 8 years experience in handling administrative support tasks. I am currently undertaking online business studies with key focus on Administrative Support and Project Management. I have commendable computer systems knowledge acquired after completing my Kenya Certificate Secondary Education(K.C.S.E). In the recent past I have worked as a Temp Operations Assistant with Medecin Sans Frontieres(M.S.F) Nairobi Branch Office, after completing six-year continuous job assignment with the five star hotel; Tribe Hotel.

    I bring exceptional aptitude in administration support that extends in overseeing office teams and handling administrative and management support tasks. As an ambitious career  driven person I am usually willing to work beyond job description to help deliver on corporate priorities hence cultivating the team work spirit. I can easily adapt to the high demanding work environment and I consider myself a trustworthy individual who is able to handle confidential information with the discretion it deserves. For remuneration expectation, my focus is on advancing my skills and competencies to help deliver on corporate priorities and as such I am open to discuss what is being offered. 


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    • Experience 8 years
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    • Country Nairobi-Kenya