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    • Joan Mwai communication and public relations. 0 review


    i am joan mwai with a degree in communication and public relations and certificate in digital customer service that is about communicating with customers and making sales or either solving the problems they have depending on the different departments within the organization that are customer related. experienced in sales and worked as a brand ambassador for brands like oral b nice and lovely and bic pen. this is about selling a product to a customer explaining its benefits and why the customer should purchase the product that you are marketing.
    am a freelance marketer where i market different products online and one on one with customers sharing promotions and explain the different benefit of each product and its importance
    i have the following skills, interpersonal communication , ms word, data entry, customer service.


    • Min. Rate/Salary: Ksh. 25,000
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    • Experience 3 years
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