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    • Peter Ndegwa Bussiness Administrator 0 review


    Would you consider a goal-oriented business specialist with proven expertise in mentoring top-performing teams for this role?
    I am a business administration professional with more than 7 years’ experience supporting accounting, sales, and procurement and operations functions in diverse work settings.
    In my previous role as a business manager at Acacia Creation, I oversaw the smooth operation of the whole organization through strategic planning, customer service management, procurement and sales coordination. In addition to developing a 5-year business strategic plan, I overhauled the selling structure achieving 20% more revenue in my first year and maintaining steady growth during the financial difficulties of the election year. Changes included introduction of a territorial sales model that enhanced ownership of revenue generation among staff. I also restructured job descriptions eliminating role duplication and achieving coherence towards overall company goals. Other than attaining record retention rates, I also saved costs through a competitive pay structure.
    As an accountant at Kihuba holdings, I supervised 4 accounting staff in preparing timely, accurate and compliant financial reports. By introducing weekly and instant reports, I enhanced management decision making. These reports were generated by the financial software maximizing resource use and saving on costs. Working with the internal auditor, I cleaned up company accounts of duplicate creditors, bad debts, inaccurate entries and outdated information.
    My skill set includes an analytical approach to problem solving; strategic information gathering, data collection, and record keeping; and excellent planning, organizing and prioritizing skills. I am a skilled negotiator exhibiting calm when handling tense situations as well as communicating information in a user-friendly manner.
    I am confident that my proven track record in establishing and maintaining sustainable revenues, operations and human assets matches your goals and mission. I look to further discuss this position in the next stage of the recruitment process. Thank you for your consideration.


    • Min. Rate/Salary: Ksh. 50,000
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    • Experience 7 years
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    • Country Nairobi-Kenya