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    • rahab Administrative Assistant 0 review


    I am a detail and results oriented individual with administration and customer service experience which has equipped me with hands on  and demonstrable skills in MS Office and IT related tasks, problem resolution, records and database management, corporate communication, data entry, timely compilation of reports and customer relationship management.

    In addition, I am able to uphold good communication practices  both oral and written, to work in a team towards collaborative attainment of set KPIs, to act as a company’s ambassador as a first point of contact and to ensure liaison, as a result, great efficiency.

    As an individual, I am patient, reliable, consistent, time conscious, efficient, a perpetual learner and a person able to deliver over and beyond my call of duty.

    I look forward to bringing onboard  my experience, knowledge, abilities and skills if given a chance to join the Kibarua team. 


    • Min. Rate/Salary: Ksh. 0
    • Rating
    • Experience 3 years
    • Projects 0
    • Earnings Ksh. 0
    • Country Kiambu-Kenya