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    Mar 7 th, 2020
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    Contract Renewal Letter

    Below is a sample Contract Renewal Letter for you

    General Manager
    Glow Company Private Limited

    6th September 2020


    I am John Doe, working at your company in the Financial Department. I was employed in this organisation two years back, September 2010 My work contract is due to expire this October 2020.

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    I am writing to request you to kindly renew the working contract and update me about my extended employment status.

    I have been linked to Glow Company Private Limited for more than 2 years now. Am well conversant with the financial problems and their immediate solutions. I have developed fairly good skills working at the position of a financial executive. As an employee at your company, I respect my employment position and I therefore request you for the renewal of my working contract.

    I hope that you understand that I would need to know your response of the renewal before my contract expiring date. I would be grateful to you if you extend my employment and working contract, at your earliest convenience so that I may have enough time to submit my files and documents.

    Thanks a lot for your time and consideration.


    John Doe
    Financial Executive