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    Aug 19 th, 2020
    Social Learning 16 Comments

    Earn from Google Adsense, Blogging

    Earn with Google Adsense

    Everyone must be good at something, and as an aspiring writer or blogger Kibarua in partnership with Webcrunch, a software development firm is offering you a chance to own web content and earn doing the thing you love

    There isn’t a shortcut to earn online as ads and posts on Facebook and other social media platforms put it. Like any other investment, blogging needs capital-more of human capital, time, energy, uniqueness and the zeal to impart something new to an audience-target market.

    1. Pick a Topic (Travel, Finance, Recipes etc)
    2. Create a blog (We will help you establish one)
    3. Content (Build at least 5 useful articles/posts)
    4. Monetize with Google Adsense
    5. Learn Marketing gimmicks

    Step by Step Tutorial on How to Open a Blog and Earn with Google Adsense.pdf


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