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    Mar 6 th, 2020
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    How to Start a Mitumba Business

    Mitumba business

    Starting an online Mitumba business store is easier and less costly than starting a traditional store

    Mitumba business is one of the best to own when consumers start looking at their budget to save money.

    With the current trend of online shopping, small business exploit the ease of setting up at minimal cost. Thence forgoing the cost of premise establishments such as legal fees and Rent.

    Lets focus on some of the key elements of starting a successful low budget Mitumba business in Kenya

    Start small.

    For as low as Ksh. 3000, you can start this business and enjoy very good profit margins. Most of Mitumba cloths come in bales which cost from Ksh. 5000 to 30000.

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    These costs depend on the types of cloths or target market you want to sell to and condition of these products.

    At a budget lower than a bales price, You can start with a few since these cloths can also be sold “not in a bundle”. Kids cloths for example are sold as low as Ksh 30.


    Mitumba clothes are graded in accordance with their condition. Grade C for example consist of worn or used product that would attract low prices in the market as compared to B and A ‘Camera’ that would actually consist of 40% new or slightly used product.

    Like any other market beware of middlemen, who provide an added layer within the commercial process they may or may not facilitate a transaction at the most cost-effective level. To effectively get better profit margins in such a business, as start up avoid any unnecessary costs.

    Mitumba are known to be found in Gikomba and Toi market in Nairobi

    Sell Online

    All you need for a start is a basic camera and a few mannequins or dummies. Take clear shots of the products. Dress these dummies and nicely take pictures preferably on a white backgrounds. Presentation and originality matter in online business. Create that good first impressions as clients come knocking.

    Create a social media profile or online store and keep posting on niches that form your target market.

    A Facebook shop is a good start. It provides capability to post Products and share in Facebook groups. At a small budget you can also outsource for a web developer to open an online store with cart functionality to enable you sell better