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    Mar 4 th, 2020
    Jobs in Kenya No Comments

    Unemployment in Kenya

    The unemployment rate in Kenya has hit an all-time high, with nearly one in every five youths of working age in Kenya having no job. According to a 2016 World Bank report, 17.4% of Kenyan youth are unemployed.

    With major job listing sites focussing on white collar jobs, skilled man power is underated.

    This has led to ingenious youth searching for alternative ways of putting food on the table. Some of them have taken advantage of the internet to search for jobs from clients all over the world. This is what is known as online freelancing.

    These youths spend their days holed up in their apartments, hunched over their laptops and making money. Some have had to endure insults and degrading labels from their neighbours who cannot understand how they stay indoors the whole time and still manage to pay their rent. Their secret are online income or making money online as they call it

    However, online freelancing is here to stay, and I figure it is time we demystified it.

    Freelance jobs in Kenya

    How online freelancing work , An example with Kibarua

    To start working as a freelancer with Kibarua you need to sign up for a Worker or Business profile. Once verified, Kibarua will help link you as a freelancer to clients from all over the world. Signing up on Kibarua is free. Clients post the projects they want done on the website, where freelancers or businesses can then bid on the projects. Once a client hires you to do their job, you work on the project and get paid after you submit the work. Kibarua unlike other freelancing websites doesn’t cut of your payment as a service charge for linking you with the client.

    What skills are required to be a freelancer?

    There are several job categories that can be done by freelancers. These include and are not limited to

    online writing jobs 

    graphic design jobs

    web design and development jobs

    social media management and marketing jobs

    virtual assistance jobs

    video editing jobs

    hair dressing jobs

    consulting jobs


    social services etc.

    Basically, if you have a skill that allows you to do any job, then you are the right fit for Kibarua.

    Apart from your writing or design skills, you need to be a good communicator with good knowledge of the English language as you will be communicating with clients from all over the world.

    Is Freelancing safe?

     Kibarua works in partnership with various accredited recruitment agencies globally to provide quality reliable and credible job opportunities. Each opportunity listed is verified and free from scammers (our focus ideal) .

    What are you waiting for?
    As job opportunities dwindle, online freelancing is turning out to be a serious income earner for youth in Kenya. All you need is a Smartphone, an internet connection and the willingness to work. For youths who have been into a hundred and one offices searching for a job with no success, maybe it is time you considered being a Freelancer.

    Best freelancing websites in Kenya 

    Kibarua (Unlike other Freelance websites, Kibarua encompasses freelancers from all skill set, virtual as well as in-person jobs)