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    Aug 12 th, 2020
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    Safaricom M-Shwari new loan limit of Ksh. 2000 crisis

    Safaricom in partnership NCBA has made a move to curb loan defaulters

    What this means

    1. New M-shwari loan limit has been raised to Ksh. 2000 as oppossed to Ksh. 500 
    2. The more expensive Fuliza which charges a daily fee of 1.083% is  now a aption for M-pesa users who do not qualify for the new Khs. 2000 M-shwari loan limit.
    3. A borrower of Ksh 1000 on M-shwari,  pays ksh 56.25 fee will now pay Ksh 243.68 fee on Fuliza
    4. Any M-shwari Loans below Ksh. 2000 will be shifted to Fuliza