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    Mar 6 th, 2020
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    SEO Tools to help you rank number 1 on Google

    Here are 7 SEO Tools to help you rank number 1 on Google search. First we are going to categorise them into 3 in accordance with what they do to help you improve in Google search results

    • Keyword Research
    • Link Building
    • Technical SEO

    Keyword Research Tool- A large number of Google search users think as keywords instead of thinking of a problem. Most searches on Google are phrased as problem whose solutions are sought about. For example when someone is looking for a new phone, chances are that they are not satisfied with their old one. If someone is looking for a math equation, he/she doesnt know a solution hence they are doing a search. FAQ Fox helps find questions that people want to be answered based on specific site that you want info from. You can search questions from popular sites like Reddit, Quora, Yahoo answers  or any other site in a particular industry.

    Keyword Research Tool- Ubersuggest has a huge database providing a simple keyword tool. It has a lot of long tail queries, comparison keywords, question based keywords and propositions to help you find the right keyword that people are typing in to help you make more leads and sales. My favourite is the comparison report. It gives you all the keywords that are comparison based. When someone is searching for comparison based keywords eg Uber vs Bolt, they are already determined that they want to book a ride, the question is what solution or app are they going to use. Ubersuggest also shows you search volume, the paid difficulty, the organic difficulty and it even shows you all the other sites that are ranking as well as how many backlinks they have and their social shares

    Link Building Tool- With backlinking, getting high quality sites will do better for you than just average links from random sites. So the more authority the sites have and the more relevant they are, and when they link to you, its going to do way better. Lets say if Joe the plumber links to you.
    with mozbar, when you visit any site, it will tell you there domain authority and their page authority. Its important to know which sites you should be focusing on when it comes to link building vs which sites you need to ignore

    Backlinks by Ubersuggest
    Link Building Tool-
    All you need to do is go to ubersuggest, type in  a url, click on the backlink button and get a a report telling you the domain score of the site, authority of the urls linking to that site, the anchor text, the link growth overtime, how many new links are getting over each and every single day and how many links are losing each day. This tool will will tell you all you need to know to figure out the right hitlist to build more links from

    Panguin tool
    Tech seo tools– This tool will tell you when you are to get hit by an algorithm and your traffic went down or up, what update it was. That will give you ideas on how to recover

    Stucture data markup helper
    Tech seo tool-
    This is a key tools to maximize your voice traffic. Over 50% of searches are now voice based. If you want rich snippets and star ratings, then Structure data markup will help you. This tool will help you increase your click through rate and your overall traffic as well as optimize your site for mobile experience

    SEO analyzer
    Tech seo tool- This is a feature within Ubersuggest. You can type a url and go to report. View all the pages of your site, your site load time, what errors there are and recommend improvements to help you fix your site to maximize your site traffic. This tool even breaks it down on what is going to have the biggest impact and what’s the easiest way to implement. It scans every single page on your site weekly and give you updates via email on errors found and new things you need to do to fix them